Chicken Nuggets War: Which Nuggets Are Cheaper Now, McDonald’s Or Burger King’s?

Jan 14, 2015 01:09 PM EST | By Victoria Guerra

A little healthy competition never hurt big companies, and will usually strive them to work better on their products - unless it's creating something as absurd as a chicken nuggets war between fast food chains, which is almost the same as forcibly shoving unhealthy food down people's throats.

It's not the first battle in the chicken nuggets war, but things had appeased since the last quarter of 2014; however, as the new year marks its own beat, it seems like the two biggest fast food chains are back at it again, as McDonald's and Burger King fight over prices to show the world who can give more chicken nuggets for a cheaper cost.

According to Slate, the latest in the chicken nuggets war has seen Burger King lowering the price of its chicken meat slurry product, as now they're selling them at 15¢ a pop, in an antic devised to make them more attractive than those of biggest rival McDonald's, which sells costlier ones - though not all that much.

As Bloomberg reports, currently the chicken nuggets war features the two major competitors fighting over a few cents, as McDonald's is currently selling each nugget at ¢20, a price which is already absolutely outrageous.

The new battle for the prices of the popular menu items sees Burger King re-releasing a promo where they're selling 10 chicken nuggets for $1.49, which is around half of what they're usually going up for, the insanely cheap price of $2.99. The promo was first released in October until the nuggets practically flew off the items, as it was obviously wildly popular with patrons of the fast food chain.

Currently, McDonald's chicken McNuggets combo sells 50 of them for $9.99, which means the user will get each of the nuggets for the price of ¢20.

According to Time Magazine, the chicken nuggets war is only part of the price battle between fast food companies, as there are two other items that get cheaper and cheaper as the competition grows more fierce: coffee promotions and breakfast sandwiches.

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