Scientology Going Clear Documentary’s SHOCKING Allegations Include Blackmail, Wiretapping And Even Torture

Mar 31, 2015 02:36 PM EDT | By Victoria Guerra


Time and time again, it seems like every time the religion followed by John Travolta and Tom Cruise becomes more controversial, particularly after the release of the Scientology "Going Clear" documentary over the past Sundance Film Festival, which prompted a lot of raised eyebrows earlier this year - as it goes into theaters and was released on HBO, further shock remains.

In the past few weeks, Food World News has reported some of the emerging allegations about the Scientology "Going Clear" documentary, including that the Church had wiretapped Nicole Kidman's phones and managed to make her split from Tom Cruise and that "That 70s Show" member Danny Masterson had spoken out against the documentary.

Now, The Huffington Postx has released its own list of Scientology "Going Clear" allegations, including the abovementioned one about Kidman and Cruise, plus saying that the Church has an entire blackmail file on John Travolta, shortly after a tabloid started reporting that the actor and Tom Cruise had had an affair in the 80s during a Church retreat.

Other shocking allegations in the Scientology "Going Clear" documentary are that the Church had been responsible for setting Tom Cruise up with different dates, including then-Scientologist actress Nazanin Boniadi when she was younger, having arranged her hair and teeth to the actor's preference and hiring her as his girlfriend; their relationship was short, she signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Church and then made a name for herself appearing in projects like "How I Met Your Mother" and "Homeland."

Forbes reports that another one of Scientology's "Going Clear" allegations is that the Church has had an ongoing fight with the IRS, as they demanded in 1993 that Scientology, as a Church, be exempt from taxes; seemingly, they eventually won the battle, though there are some serious considerations on whether to revoke their status, as even actress Mia Farrow has asked signatures against it.

The Church has also been accused of homophobia (the religion views homosexuality as a disease), poor treatment of members and former members, and even being locked up and tortured in a facility known as The Hole - all of these allegations are present in the Scientology "Going Clear" documentary.

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