Pepper Hacker Grinder Creates Cellphone-Free Environment At Dinner Table … By Hacking Electronics! [VIDEO]

Apr 04, 2015 10:26 AM EDT | By Victoria Guerra

Ever since the age of Internet 2.0 hit mainstream, mothers around the world have been asking, mostly to little or no results, for their children to put their phones away for the duration of a family meal - considering them, there's a new product, the Pepper Hacker grinder, made to render electronics useless for a while.

Over the past few months, Food World News has reported a number of new technologies set to make the world a better place, like a real-life "Star Trek" Tricorder, a new microwave oven with a heat camera that shows users when their food is thoroughly cooked and even a new type of sustainable food packaging made out of Chitosan - and the Pepper Hacker grinder's a small step in the right direction.

According to The Telegraph, the Pepper Hacker grinder is a creation from food brand Dolmio's, and on the outside, it looks like a regular pepper grinder; however, inside it has a mechanism that will allow someone to turn off devices from Wi-Fi routers, cellphones and even television sets for a full 30 minutes in an attempt to get a quiet family meal for once.

IDigital Times reports that the Pepper Hacker grinder can shut down devices by simply twisting the grinder one time. For just about every tech device, the only requisite for the gadget to perform is that television sets and the like are connected to the house's primary hub.

However, the Pepper Hacker grinder is ever so slightly more complex when it comes to cellphones or tablets, as mobile devices need to have previously installed the phone management app AirWatch beforehand - so, moms around the world will have to make sure that everyone in the house has installed this before shushing phones for a decent meal.

For now, the Pepper Hacker grinder is just a prototype, as the company campaigns for it in Australia - and you can watch its ad below!

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