Chili’s Spends Multi- Millions in Social Media to Grab People’s Attention

May 27, 2015 03:38 AM EDT | By Jackie Lyn Pasaol


Chili's is definitely taking business to the next level through social media.

Brinker's International understands the power of social media being a marketing tool. To boost sales, a multi- million dollar venture has been made to make the appearance of food from Chilis, mouth-watering and tasteful.

Chili's, Brinker's International's Tex- Mex casual dining chain, has spent a huge amount of money just to make their food items photogenic and shareable. This included photogenic glazed buns, innovative ways of stacking ribs and pictures of stainless steel baskets to hold the fries, among others.

The restaurant totally understands that people in this generation, regardless of age, want to instantly share their experience through the use of gadgets. Every moment is captured and shared right away. Chili's wants to take full advantage of this media frenzy.

According to Brainfood, "Plating and food presentation play a huge in how we experience food".  In this field, Chili's is playing their card right.

Chili's is riding on the social media fever where people nowadays are free to post everything in YouTube, Instagram, twitter etc. The availability to review and blog creates the aim of every restaurant to be featured. 

Since the time has come for the selfie generation to thrive, restaurants see the need to reel in customers who take selfies and feature the restaurants along with their food as well. Chili's has surely done a great marketing leap by spending millions in venturing on the latest trend, and reap the benefits of it. 

As for Chili's food proportion and sizes, they remain unchanged.

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