Cara Delevingne Launches Fourth Collection With Mulberry

Jun 03, 2015 05:20 PM EDT | By Martha Ignacio


Many celebs are teaming up with fashion brands to create fashion forward pieces. Kendall and Kylie Jenner had just dropped their latest capsule collection with Topshop. Now, Cara Delevingne has just released her fourth collection with Mulberry.

The Autumn/Winter 2015 bag collection is now available in oxblood and steel blue colors. Most of the bags also feature an embossed phrase, "Made in England," found at the bottom of the bags.

The phrase is highly significant for the brand, which is based in England, and Cara's "Made in England" tattoo found on the sole of her foot.

The bags are designed to be a perfect staple in a girl's wardrobe, finished with a few personal details from Cara Delevingne herself. The supermodel added simple touches to the overall design of the bags.

"I want there to be hidden gems inside, based on the things that are personal to me, which my tattoos definitely are," Delevingne said. Every bag from the Cara Delevingne collection has a small lion rivet and a heart shaped patch, which are inspired by the "Paper Towns" actress' many tattoos.

Cara's signature Nappa backpack also carries some new updated features, as Grazia Daily reports. All the bags are designed for multiple purposes: they can be worn as a backpack, on the shoulder, or hand carried.

But the collection isn't just limited to bags. Cara seems to have explored another side of designing when she added a few accessories to the lineup. Some pouches, wallets, and pochettes can also be found within Cara's fourth collection with the English brand.

Cara has previously talked about how she feels working with Mulberry, "Mulberry is such an iconic brand - it's British, and I love the bags and clothes." She added, "Plus the campaigns are inspiring - they have a tradition of working with such cool models and creative teams."

Cara's latest collection with Mulberry can already be found and purchased here.

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