Oreo New Flavor, Brownie Batter, Could Be Best Thing To Happen To Cookies … Since Oreo [PHOTO]

Jun 06, 2015 09:56 AM EDT | By Victoria Guerra

A favorite with cookie lovers all over the world, past Oreo new flavors have included now-classic ones such as limited edition Cotton Candy and S'mores deliciousness, and now it seems they're adding a new one to the list with Brownie Batter, for all those who are convinced cookies and brownies are the perfect match.

Although there haven't been any official announcements from the company regarding any Oreo new flavors, several people have already spotted the Brownie Batter cookies in different stores, prompting food-specialized stores all over the world to crave for the flavor to go nationwide.

According to Refinery29, the first to report the Brownie Batter among Oreo's new flavors was AV Club, as they posted a picture of the delicious-looking cookie on their Instagram after spotting it at the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago late last month, and it would seem like the new dessert would feature a chocolate exterior with brownie batter-flavored cream inside.

Other Oreo new flavors introduced this year so far also include Red Velvet and Chocolate Lemon Twist, and it has been leaked to The Impulsive Buy that the Brownie Batter could be entering the nationwide market soon after appearing in Chicago last month, prompting heavy speculation for fans of the most popular cookie brand in America.

According to The Daily Meal, there have been false alarms about Oreo new flavors in the past, such as a supposed fried chicken cookie that turned out to be a hoax - but, then again, the concept of a KFC-like cookie doesn't make too much sense, while a brownie batter-flavored one would definitely peak the interests of those who love the company's treats.

In any case, Oreo has had a strict policy of secrecy over their new products for years, but other flavors that have been confirmed in the past include Reese's and pumpkin spice.

In the meantime, fans eagerly await the official announcement - and release - of Oreo new flavors!

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