Miley Cyrus Shares That She Has Been A Vegan For A Year ! Posting On Instagram About Her Calling

Jun 15, 2015 11:14 AM EDT | By Jackie Pasaol

Miley Cyrus seems to be tired of all the negative headlines about her and now swerves to a more positive avenue by letting the public know that she actually generates positivtyin healthy eating.

The 'Nightmare' singer clearly wants to help in making a huge good difference in the world. This week, Miley Cyrus let the world know that she has been eating healthy for the past year by announcing that she has been a Vegan for a year now. As she poses for the cover of the Paper Magazine, Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter also opens up about current her Diet.

Miley's dog was eaten by a coyote while she was on tour for her album 'Bangerz.' Following the death of her pet dog Floyd the 'Wrecking Ball' hit maker also refrained from consuming animal products. She is ready to be held accountable for the others, that's why she decided to go on public about her vegan diet.

She even told the Magazine that "As long as you're not hurting anyone, your choices are your choices."

Aside from showing her compassion for animals Miley also founded Happy Hippies Foundation, a foundation which aims to support the youth who are in crisis and to bring awareness and support for the LGBT community to bring equality and justice.

Just a few days ago, Miley posted on Instagram that caught the attention of many, where she  gave hints on a possible collaboration with Caitlyn Jenner to promote her foundation.

Miley Cyrus has also updated her Instagram post to show her calling and support for vegans and for the LGBT community.

Last year, Ariana Grande also shared all over the world and to her followers on Twitter and Instagram that she opts for a vegan diet to show that she loves animal.

The study found that 53% choose vegan diet for a better well-being while 54% chose this diet for the welfare of the animals and to show their compassion.

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