Brain Activities Can Be Tracked Using Laser And Magnetism

Jun 22, 2015 11:36 AM EDT | By Veronica P. De Leon


Shaul Yahil and Shaw Bronner, two researchers from Yale laboratory made a simple conversation which they used to track brain activities using lasers and magnetism. The two were demonstrating a technique to investigate how human brains work.

Washington Times reports that while their brains are discussing, colored and craggy images appear on the monitor that represents their thoughts. Internal brain activities are being tracked by this technology which apparently answers few questions about how the brain works.

Back in 2013, President Barack Obama was triggered to start the BRAIN initiative, whose purpose was to open the way for creating advanced devices that can inspect the brain. Research in brain are also endeavoured by Japan and Europe.

Many and deep are the mystery of this unit. But scientists are now finding indications of what is going on inside this organ with the advancement of research in this field.

An approach was introduced by Yahil and Bronner at the Yale lab that they are currently utilizing for this study.

64 thin black fiber optic cables were attached to the cap, which they put on as they had the conversation. Powerless laser are at the tip of the 32 cables which lights permeate into their brains for approximately one inch. The other half of those cables catch the reflections, which shows oxygen levels in the blood, being cast by the laser beams.

fMRI or functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging is another technique that is mostly operated in brain-mapping. Oxygen levels in blood is also being examined from a deeper penetration with the aid of robust magnetic fields.

These are but two of the many brain-mapping techniques that are much useful in the field of neuroscience.

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