'The Walking Dead's' Daryl and Michonne Kissing! See the Video here [VIDEO]

Jun 26, 2015 10:00 AM EDT | By Juliano Dario



Were still some time away from the return of AMC's smash hit zombie apocalypse drama 'The Walking Dead.' The sixth season of the number 1 show on TV will not hit the small screen until October of this year but the network has already released a small behind the scenes look to whet fan's appetites.

The short featurette which was hosted by actor Michael Cudlitz, who plays Army Sergeant Abraham Ford on the series, gives us a look at the season six premiere.

Cudlitz calls it a "huge, huge episode" and promises that it will blow our minds. One moment in the video has already caused quite the stir.

It started when actor Norman Reedus who plays the crossbow wielding Daryl, posted an Instagram of what appeared to be his character locking lips with fellow survivor Michonne, played by Danai Gurira simply captioned 'Dichonne Love.'

Fans of the show have long linked Daryl to several of the shows other female characters such as the recently deceased Beth (Emily Kinney) as well as Melissa McBride's Carol. But Reedus' Instagram gave fans the impression that he may have a new love interest this season.

Sadly it appears Daryl shippers will have to look elsewhere. The behind the scenes video revealed that the kiss was merely a bit of backstage fun between the Reedus and Gurira.

Hey, can't say we blame 'em! "I love being on the Cudlitz Show," Gurira tells viewers. "What a day, I love my job!" And hey, we can't say we blame her either! You go you, gurl. You. Do. You.

Fans can see what else the show has in store when the Walking Dead Returns to AMC this October.

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