Courtney Love, Kanye West Get Caught in Paris Uber Riots

Jun 26, 2015 10:10 AM EDT | By Juliano Dario


American rock star Courtney Love has just released a series of tweets on her official Twitter Page recounting her harrowing experience during the transport riots currently sweeping the streets of Paris and other European cities.

Currently Taxi drivers and operators across the continent are forming blockades to protest the popular ride hailing app 'Uber' which they claim is hurting their business. Love, the former 'Hole' front woman, who was arriving in the French capital and took an Uber from the airport, saw first-hand just how serious the demonstrators are.

Her first tweet showed that the Uber vehicle she was riding in had its window broken by rioters. She addressed the tweet to rapper Kanye West. She told West, who was also apparently in the city, that she and her party may consider turning back to the airport. "Dude @kanyewest we may turn back to the airport and hide out with u.picketers just attacked our car #ParisUberStrike" the tweet read.

Love then posted a series of tweets slamming the lack of police intervention and urged French president Francois Hollande to get the situation under control.

6:47 PM - 25 Jun 2015 "they've ambushed our car and are holding our driver hostage. they're beating the cars with metal bats. this is France?? I'm safer in Baghdad"  

 6:53 PM - 25 Jun 2015  "François Hollande where are the f****ng police??? is it legal for your people to attack visitors? Get your ass to the airport. Wtf???"

Love eventually made it into Paris. She ended her Live tweet session showing footage of her riding on the back of Motorcycle riders that carried her into the city.

7:31 PM - 25 Jun 2015  "paid some guys on motorcycles to sneak us out, got chased by a mob of taxi drivers who threw rocks, passed two police and they did nothing"

8:19 PM - 25 Jun 2015  "how on earth are these people allowed to do this? the first car was destroyed, all tires slashed"

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