Theranos 2015: FDA Approves New Blood Test For Elizabeth Holmes’ Company – What’s Next For Controversial Theranos?

Jul 16, 2015 06:09 PM EDT | By Victoria Guerra

After having secretly worked on their blood test technology for over a decade, Theranos' 2015 has exploded over the past few weeks, as the controversial company led by Elizabeth Holmes has reached its second landmark with the United States Food and Drug Administration, as they move forward in the ultimate goal of creating cheaper and more easily accessible blood tests.

In the latest Theranos 2015 development, the FDA has just given the Palo Alto-based company clearance to administer their already approved technology (particularly their herpes blood test) outside a lab, the first step in the company's attempt to make the technology behind their pursuits more readily available to the general public.

Earlier this month, Food World News reported that the FDA approved the first Theranos 2015 blood test, for herpes, as well as their own brand of testing.

According to Fortune, the latest Theranos 2015 approval happened last Wednesday, as the growing medical technology company the right although they hadn't even announced they were pursuing this goal - not an uncommon event considering how mindful Theranos is with their technology secrets.

Business Insider reports that this second Theranos 2015 breakthrough, the Clinical Laboratory Amendments waiver, allows the company not to have to comply with the same type of laboratory standards than other companies specialized in blood tests, as Theranos' tests don't include needles nor multiple blood vials, but rather getting a small pinch for the process.

Now, it's been established that those getting tested through Theranos can walk into a pharmacy, get stung with the test and then seek their results online.

According to Forbes, there are many critics of Theranos' way of doing things, including statements that they may not be as revolutionary as they say themselves but rather have an impressive PR department.

After their first test received clearance to be performed out of labs, the next step for Theranos in 2015 is simple: getting 120 more blood tests approved by the FDA.

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