Nestlé's New Recipe of Nescafé to Win Consumers in China

Oct 10, 2012 01:01 AM EDT | By James Zajac


Nestlé, in order to meet changing tastes of consumers in China, relaunches Nescafé 1+2 Original with hope to offer a smoother cup of coffee.  The new recipe was developed over four years and is based on extensive research of consumer preferences.

Chinese people may now expect a richer, more aromatic coffee with more balanced, milky flavours than before.' says Nestlé

The company will roll the product out across China this month. It will be supported by a new communication campaign encouraging consumers to spend more time enjoying a cup of coffee together.

Nestlé has introduced Nescafé to China 25 years ago and claims it to be now the leading coffee brand in the country, as wider selection of other Nescafé coffee product lines is also available in China.

"We hope the new recipe will appeal to even more people in China and introduce Nescafé to a new generation of coffee lovers." said Adrian Ho, Nestlé's Senior Vice President of Coffee and Beverages in the Greater China region.

"People in China originally began drinking coffee as a 'pick-me-up. Today, more and more consumers are regarding coffee as a social drink to enjoy in and out of home. They are increasingly taking time to savour the experience of drinking coffee while connecting with each other face-to-face," he continued.

Nestlé aims to develop a coffee culture in China, which is the company's long-term commitment, and was recently recognised in June with a World Business and Development Award.

The international award acknowledged the efforts of Nestlé agronomists to provide more than 5,000 farmers in Yunnan province with free agricultural training since the company started work in the region in 1988.

In 2011, Nestlé extended its support for local farmers in Yunnan with the introduction of the Nescafé Plan. The ten-year, worldwide, CHF 350 million initiative brings together Nestlé's commitments on coffee farming, production and consumption. It will see the company double the amount of coffee it buys directly from farmers and their associations by 2015.

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