Box Office News: Ant-Man Disappoints, Trainwreck Impresses

Jul 20, 2015 08:20 AM EDT | By tee.rod

The US Box Office had mixed numbers over the weekend.  'Ant-Man' earned $58 million, respectable enough, but is the lowest debut for Marvel Studious since the green Hulk hit the screens in 2008.  Meanwhile, the comedy film, 'Trainwreck', over performed. 

'Ant-Man' had better luck overseas in its 37 opening markets. The tiniest superhero starring Paul Rudd garnered $ 56.4 million, which makes it ahead of other Marvel heroes, Captain America and Thor, reports Yahoo Movies. 

Disney distribution chief, Dave Hollis, referring to 'Ant-Man', explains, 'No one else could take what is really an obscure character and launch it in such a way.'

'Trainwreck" expected an opening of $ 20 million, and was pleasantly surprised by its $ 30.2 million.  The credit goes mostly to its leading star, Amy Schumer, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Director Judd Appatow, who also helmed 'The Knock-Up.The producers are more than satisfied; they invested only $35 million in the production.

Here's a round-up of Marvel's hit list: topnotcher 'Marvel's The Avenger', shown in 2012, has the biggest opening day sales at $207.4 million. In the US alone, it earned $ 623.3 million. Worldwide, it had $ 1.5 billion.

Not counting the 'Ant-Man', Marvel's all-time low is Incredible Hulk, with an opening day sales of $ 55.4 million. 'Ant-Man' apparently scored better.  Hulk's domestic sales was a measly $ 134.8 million, and worldwide, $ 263.4 million. 

The 'Ant-Man's production had its own drama, taking a decade to finally get it to the big screens. Wright was supposed to be director, but left the production in 2014 due to creative differences with the producers.  Credit now goes to Director Peyton Reed. 

'Trainwreck' is a romantic comedy, with Amy Schumer playing a commitment-phobic character who falls for a sports doctor. Much of the success of the movie is credited to their marketing and promotions, with the James LeBron viral video about directing Trainwreck 2, and the cast's other hilarious efforts.

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