Energy and Productivity Boosting Food For Any Time of Day

Jul 27, 2015 12:15 PM EDT | By DonDon Navidad

Lisa R. Young, a nutrition guru, adjunct professor at NYU and author of The Portion Teller Plan prescribed the right food that can help get a person through just about anything.

Lisa R. Young recommends to everyone to take a bite out of an apple, as  a compact complex carb, about 20 minutes before working out. As the sugar in the apple  is usable shortly after eating and also that an apple just has enough fiber for satiety but not enough to prevent cramping.

Eating a banana with some salted peanut butter is also what the nutrition guru Lisa R. Young recommends, as the potassium of the banana will help prevent cramping. What replaced the sweat from the workout is the salt from the salted peanut butter. A person's workout will be powered by the protein, and the protein from the 'banana with some salted peanut butter' helps repair the muscles and replace tissue.

Lisa R. Young also said that, in the afternoon monounsaturated fats can give a person's mood a boost, to attain this, eating any nuts will do. Lisa R. Young stated,  "at the end of the day, the ones you like and are most accessible are the best choice."

The adjunct professor at NYU - Young, said that it would be better for a person to eat cherries before going to bed, as the cherries can help regulate sleep patterns and drinking a glass of warm milk can also help as it contains tryptophan that will also help get a person to sleep.

Lisa R. Young suggests to eat oysters before having sex. The oysters are packed with energizing nutrients as well as zinc which helps produce testosterone leading to increases in sperm production and sex drive.

Young also stated that drinking smoothies that are full of nutrients, fiber, and protein will give proper hydration. Young advised this for an easy recipe of a smoothie by blending one individual container of Greek Yogurt: one cup of kale, one cup of spinach, a ½ cup of blueberries (for added sweetness without too much sugar), a kiwi, and two tablespoons of flax or Chia seeds.


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