'Star Wars' Update: Felicity Jones' Character In 'Rogue One' Could Be Connected To Major 'Return Of The Jedi' Character

Aug 04, 2015 08:10 AM EDT | By Nobelle Borines

The 'Star Wars Anthology' film 'Rogue One' continues to be one of the most mysterious film projects of the future. While most movies have already announced their cast and offered hints about the storyline, 'Star Wars: Rogue One' has only confirmed one star in Felicity Jones and that the film will be set before 'Episode IV: A New Hope.'

That hasn't stopped the rumor mills from coming up with interesting details about 'Star Wars: Rogue One.'

A new rumor has emerged about Felicity Jones' character in the film, which is expected to be the main protagonist. Umberto Gonzales of Heroic Hollywood recently shared some information in Meet the Movie Press, disclosing that Felicity Jones' character is actually the daughter of the bounty hunter Bobba Fett.

Before anyone falls off their chair or starts tearing their hair out, it is best to point out that this is only a rumor so far, and that even Gonzales said that he wouldn't run it in his own website.

However, the rumor does present the major possibility of how Felicity Jones' blood relation to an established 'Star Wars' character could work with the 'Anthology' storyline.

First of all, it was previously rumored that the second 'Star Wars Anthology' film would be a Boba Fett origin story. The rumor immediately fizzled out when it was announced that the next standalone film would be a Han Solo backstory. However, fans continue to expect Bobba Fett to play a bigger part in the future 'Star Wars' films.

It is also safe to point out that 'Star Wars' has a history of connecting the main protagonist to the main antagonist in the movies. Luke Skywalker may have started out being a young boy from Tattoine but ended up being the twin brother of Leia Organa and the son of Darth Vader.

Will Felicity Jones' character really be the daughter of Bobba Fett? Umberto Gonzales had stated that he had a very reliable source, but the world will have to wait until 'Star Wars: Rogue One' hits theaters on December 16, 2016.

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