CBD-Infused Beer Now a Reality

Aug 21, 2015 06:30 AM EDT | By Mikey Blanco


Beer lovers and pot smokers unite! One of the more exciting breweries that will be joining the Great American Beer Festival in Denver next month is Dad & Dudes Breweria from Aurora, Colorado. They will be offering two new cannabis-infused beers.

9 News reports that while their beers will not get you high, they do contain cannabidiol (CBD). Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the active ingredient in cannabis, and is illegal on the federal level. As such THC cannot be added into the brew. CBD, on the other hand, is also found in cannabis but is not illegal. Dad & Dude's beers have liberal amounts of CBD in them.

The company is already offering an IPA called Dank. Next month, they will introduce even stronger CBD-beer mashups called Indica Double IPA and Sativa IPA. These beers are part of the company's Canna-Beer Series which is a hat-tip to the booming cannabis industry in Colorado today.

Colorado Brewery Will Debut CBD-Infused Sativa IPA at Great American Beer Fest

"I think beer and cannabis should be treated equally," says co-founder Mason Hembree. He adds, "Alcohol has also gone through its fair share of prohibition and misunderstanding. And I think Colorado is leading the way nationally when it comes to reform, and I hope we keep moving in that direction."

Sativa and Indica are the names of two types of cannabis plants. They have a particular hit each, with Sativa providing an energetic high and Indica a mellower high. Again, Dad & Dudes beers do not have pot in them but contain extracted cannabidiol from Colorado and California plants.

"This is a 100 percent legal product nationwide," Hembree proudly says. And when asked about the birth of their CBD beers, "It wasn't an easy process. I have been working on this for like two years, and we had been pussyfooting it, for lack of better words, until finally I said, you know, let's just do it."

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