Oreos Mexico: Cookies Move South Of Border, Donald Trump Boycotts Nabisco Over Chicago ‘Closed’ Plant

Aug 27, 2015 10:58 AM EDT | By Victoria Guerra

For about as long as Donald Trump's candidacy has stood in the past few months, the billionaire turned politician has been haunted with accusations of racism and xenophobia, particularly towards the Latino community inside the United States, currently the biggest minority in the country - and his latest comments on Oreos' Mexico move are really not helping his case.

Last month, Nabisco's parent company Mondelez International Inc. announced the Oreos Mexico move, saying they'd decided to invest $130 million in four new production lines in the southern country that would replace older Chicago plants, making many, including Trump, think the company was shutting down operations within the U.S.

"I'm never eating Oreos again," said Trump said, Scotsman reports, adding that this only applied to Oreos from Mexico, as he'd cave in to the cookies if he was able to check if they were made in the U.S.

According to CBS News, in fact Oreos' Mexico move won't see the Chicago operation shut down, but rather diminish in size; a Mondelez rep, Laurie Guzzinati, specified that the Illinois plant will remain open, but the number of jobs in it is being cut in half; by the time the Mexico operation starts, the Chicago plant's number of employees will go from about 1,200 to 600.

Apparently, the move stems from different budget making on the part of the company, as they determined that the the new production lines in Mexico would actually cost $46 million less a year than the current Chicago operations, with labor being only "one of the factors."

News outlets such as Uproxx have doubted Trump's statements about Oreos from Mexico, claiming that the cookies are just too "wonderful" and that the GOP candidate might be making empty threats, particularly considering the fact that there are still other plants in the U.S. that make the Nabisco treat, including operations in Oregon, New Jersey and Virginia.

Too bad for Trump for not enjoying Oreos from Mexico - others will have to fill in for him.


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