Youtube Created A New Kind of Celebrity: Jenna Marbles, KassemG, Trisha Paytas

Mar 04, 2013 02:10 PM EST | By Jaclyn Ashley

What is a celebrity? According to Webster's Dictionary, it simply means a person that is famous or celebrated. In the past couple of years, many people have gained internet fame. Youtube has allowed everyday people to voice their opinions, create their own news programs and entertain. The popular online medium has also created many "internet celebrities".

Jenna Marbles has become one of the most popular Youtubers and it all began with one viral video, How To Trick People Into Thinking You Are Good Looking; throughout the video, Marbles shows people how she goes from "ugly", to a blonde bombshell. One of the most memorable lines in the video was, "the goal is to make you look nothing like yourself". The video was funny and entertaining but it projected a sense of reality. Many young girls wear makeup to drastically alter their appearance. As of today, the video has almost 50,000,000 hits and allowed Jenna to quit her day job to pursue a career entertaining people on the web. She currently has over 7,000,000 subscribers as well as a huge online following. She recently visited Ireland to meet with her fans and received an award from University of Trinity College.

KassemG is another Youtube celebrity; he currently hosts two online shows, California On and Going Deep. The California native has built his online persona as a sarcastic, blunt character that is not afraid to insult the people he is interviewing. Going Deep is a series he created much like Inside The Actor's Studio, only the "actors", he interviews star in movies that would make one blush. He interviews Porn Stars. Lisa Ann is the biggest name in the Adult Entertainment Industry he interviewed. She gained mainstream success due to her cameo appearance in Eminem's video, We Made You. California On is filmed on Venice Beach; Kassem trolls the area to interview locals about topics such as American History, Strip Clubs, Plastic Surgery and Tattoos. In his California On History video, he asked a guy, "What do you know about the Civil War?" The guy replied, "We won". He has a talent for picking out interviewees that will give him entertaining answers.

Trisha Paytas is another popular name on Youtube. She is a bubbly, blonde that has been seen on television shows such as Americas Got Talent, Modern Family and My Strange Addiction. She also played Jessica Simpson in Eminem's music video, We Made You. She is quite popular amongst teenage girls who enjoy her videos because of her confidence and fashion tips. She has this quirky, upbeat, positive personality and has the ability to make any topic appear interesting. Recently, The Dr. Phil Show contacted her to be a guest on his show because of her internet popularity. The episode was about "slut shamming", and how it has got to stop. She went on the show to explain how people leave rude comments on her videos because of the clothing she chooses to wear. She claims, despite her cleavage baring attire she is not a "slut". A woman's clothing has nothing to do with who she dates or sleeps with. Trisha's online following seems to be growing at a rapid pace; America watch out.


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