Fan-Made 'Green Lantern Corps' Trailer Features Idris Elba As John Stewart And Garrett Hedlund As Hal Jordan! [VIDEO]

Sep 01, 2015 09:50 AM EDT | By Nobelle Borines

It might still be a long wait, but fans are looking forward to the upcoming reboot of 'Green Lantern Corps!'

The fancasting netizens have already caught the attention of 'Fast and Furious' star Tyrese Gibson, who is one of the favorites to portray John Stewart. The actor has even admitted that he has already spoken with people from Warner Bros.

Another fan favorite for the role of John Stewart is 'Thor' actor Idris Elba, who has also been featured in several fan arts found all over the internet. One fan has just decided to create a trailer for 'Green Lantern Corps' featuring Elba as John Stewart and 'Tron' star Garrett Hedlund as Hal Jordan.

The trailer was created by Youtuber Alex Luthor, who has previously made impressive fan trailers like 'Godzilla VS King Kong,' 'Attack on Titan VS Pacific Rim' and a special 'Assassin's Creed' teaser featuring Michael Fassbender.

The description for Alex Luthor's Youtube channel reads, "The whole point of these fan-made videos is to have some fun. I make these videos only for fun, and I try to entertain my audiance, and make some cool and epic fan-made trailers."

Warner Bros. has yet to confirm whether Tyrese Gibson or Idris Elba will star in the highly awaited 'Green Lantern Corps.' The only information confirmed about the film is its official working title and the possibility that there will be more than one Green Lantern who will star in the film.

There were rumors that 'Star Trek' actor Chris Pine would be cast as Hal Jordan, however the speculations fizzled when Pine was announced to play Diana Prince's love interest in the upcoming 'Wonder Woman' film.

The latest 'Green Lantern' movie was released in 2011 and starred Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. The reboot is scheduled for release in 2020.

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