Take A Look At These Luxe CROSS Townsend 'Star Wars' Pens [PHOTOS]

Sep 03, 2015 10:00 AM EDT | By Martha Ignacio


The force has always been strong with the "Star Wars" fan base.

In fact, many have been looking forward to the brand's numerous deals (like those limited edition Adidas sneakers) and announcements (such as the theme park in Disneyland) leading up to the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" release in December.

Now, Bezar, an "online marketplace" is joining the bandwagon with their newly released limited edition and overwhelmingly luxurious "Star Wars" pens.

The website's description reads:

"Introducing the new CROSS Townsend Star Wars® Limited Edition Collection, commemorating three iconic characters from the 1977 film. Each limited edition writing instrument is a truly unique luxury and the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan. [...] The impeccably engraved character detailing enhances their collectability and authenticity."

It comes to no surprise that all the pens, made by CROSS Townsend, are designed after three notable characters of the "Star Wars" franchise.

Stormtrooper sp front

There's a black pen (there's also a gray variation) designed off of Darth Vader, a white one based on the Stormtroopers, and a gold one for C-3PO.

C3po fp front

Each of the three designs comes in a ballpoint version, and a fountain pen version. The Darth Vader pens are unique though, because they are literally capped with a red Swarovski crystal to make you feel like you've got that red lightsaber in your hand.

Darth sp front

Each and every pen is also very unique, cause it has its own serial number. In addition, only 1,977 pens were made - a tribute to the year when the original "Star Wars" film came out.

Of course, the luxurious pens come with a hefty price tag too. The ballpoint pens retail for $450, while the fountain pens cost $575.

If you're willing to shell out that much money on these collectible limited edition pens, or are just filthy rich, you can go buy them here.

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