Floating Farms: An All-in-One Solution for Global Food Shortage Problems

Sep 23, 2015 08:00 PM EDT | By Mikey Blanco

By the year 2050 the world's population is predicted to surpass the 9 billion mark. This means a 70% increase in demand for food. The question is how in the world will this demand be met? There are numerous studies, projects, and full-scale experiments going on today that might, just might, be the key to solving the inevitable food shortage.

A team in Barcelona has come up with a grand idea: floating farms. These farms are meant to harvest three resources: sunlight, fish, and crops, according to the Daily Mail UK. The floating farms will be located in places where food supply is most scarce.

The structures will be multi-level and buoyant using off-shore rigs. The ground level will be used to catch 1.7 million fish per year per farm. The second level will be a hydroponics facility for crops. This method does not use soil nor will need natural precipitation. An onboard desalination facility will provide water for the crops. The top levels will have solar panels to power the entire facility.

The design team, Forward Thinking Architecture, predicts that 8.15 million kilos or 17.97 million lbs of vegetables can be harvested each year. The solar panels above will be used for energy requirements like ventilation, Momagri reported.

There are many, many advantages to this design if it moves forward. First is the obvious, a steady and ample supply of food. Second is the preservation of land for the global population. Third is the minimized need for imports and the increased education of citizens on horticulture.

The possibility of this floating farm to become automated is also being explored. The floating farms can very well work with traditional farmers so there is no real danger of displacement in terms of agricultural occupations. And it is hoped that this sustainable system will help drive whole communities to adopt healthier diets, Design Boom reported. The benefits go on and on.

The Smart Floating Farm or SFF presents new options for an increasingly desperate situation as it combines aquaculture, hydroponics, and photovoltaics into one. The lofty ambitions of the team might be the key to solving many of the world's problems. If you think the SFF is an idea worth looking into, then hit share below! 

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