Google Launches Chrome 46 Compatible To Windows, Linux and Mac

Oct 15, 2015 11:10 AM EDT | By Veronica P. De Leon


Google has just launched the new Chrome 46 compatible for Windows, Linux and Mac. According to VentureBeat, security enhancements and new developer tools were incorporated in the release.

The slight changes and improvements of Chrome 46 alert the user mainly about web security. If the surfer tends to use an HTTPS site that is considered fully secure, green lock icon and "X" symbol for broken sites can still be observed just like before. For those who are using standard HTTP, a blank white page is displayed in the site.

On the other hand, no symbol will be seen if the user will enter a protected site with minor issues just like the regular and unencrypted site. It can be remembered that Chrome 45 has adapted similar changes when a lock symbol with a yellow triangle is displayed for "mixed sites".

The new tools that were released will help the users correct their preconceived ideas in which protected HTTPS sites that contain minor errors are less secure compared to an HTTP site with no security. Google has clarified that the said cases are among the common misconceptions of users.

Google stated that the significant changes in the Chrome indicates a better visual sign in terms of security state of the page relative to HTTP sites. Aside from that, users of Chrome can now have the chance to study and comprehend fewer security states unlike before.

As of the moment, the ultimate objective of the American multinational company is to reduce the icon that they are using into a binary "secure" or "not secure". The company is hoping to accomplish their aim by slowly updating their browser with significant improvements.

In a separate post related to the issue, Google stated that the amount of HTTPS sites were increasing in a significant level. According to the company, 63 percent are now having a secured HTTP compared to the 58 percent last year.

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