Studies Suggest Organic Food Is The Right Choice For Kid's Health

Oct 19, 2015 10:28 AM EDT | By Dianne

Ever since the beginning of time, children's diet were influenced by their parents. According to, the United States and other first world countries have been changing that particular way of eating .

A recent study was made stating that traditionally grown foods are dangerous due to residues of pesticides in them that can cause cancer in the long run. And it is not just cancer, but other diseases that affect the nervous system and the brain function. Hormones could also be damaged if the food that people eat, especially at a young age are not right or organically grown.

One of the many and main reasons that kids these days have brain disorders like autism and ADD or ADHD, is the non-organic food that they are eating. These foods completely influence their body and entire system. Kids who have ADHD were recently discovered to have a high amount of organophosphate pesticide residues. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Montreal made this discovery.

It all makes sense now, why some kids are not acting normal for their age and even their behavior and lifestyle growing up is also affected. Eating and diet are both huge contributors to a person's lifestyle. There is nothing to worry about possible diseases that will even be passed on to the next generation if parents will start modifying their children's diet, veering towards organically grown produce.

The USDA have now labeled some of the organic food sold in markets for parents and other individuals find it easy to purchase them. Choose the ones where you would see certified organic on their labels. The Cornucopia Institute confirmed this plan of the USDA to help protect the health and welfare of people in America. This act helps a lot of people avoid GMO foods.

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