Chocolate as Medicine? WHOA!

Oct 30, 2015 12:39 PM EDT | By Hazel Zol Marie Cañete Baloyo

Recently, scientists had invented chocolates that are so healthy it can be taken as a medicine. How?

There are scientists in a particular chocolate company in America that are specialized in the fields of herbal technologies that have invented a chocolate that only has 35% fat and can be considered as a medicine because of its ingredients.

Cacao as the main ingredient in the chocolate has some certain antioxidants and minerals present in it that are beneficiary to one's health. The antioxidants and minerals can reduce the risk of stroke. It can lower blood pressure and can protect one's nervous system.

But even though cacao is extremely healthy to one's body, cacao naturally tastes bitter. That's why chocolate companies add glucose and fat to sweeten their products that may affect the health benefits of the cacao.

With a little help from a firm in Boston called Kuka Xoco, the scientists of the particular chocolate company were able to gain access to an herb that can be used to de-bitter the cacao. The firm discovered the herb around the region of Boston and Peru. The herb is also a big help in reducing the fat and glucose that are added in the chocolate which is great news because it minimizes the overriding of the health benefits of the cacao.

Mr. Gregory Aharonian the president and chief scientist of the Boston-based firm called Kuka Xoco stated that if more unhealthy ingredients are removed in the chocolate, it can be taken as a medicine.

The firm also stated that sugar is will most likely to turn out to be the next nicotine and that, sweeteners like sugar can cause many complications in health. Being overweight is one of them which is a really bad thing for one's health.

After discovering that there are actually ways to lessen the unhealthy ingredients in a chocolate, the company wanted to set a goal. In which they'll be doing more research in order to develop the chocolate and reduce the fat into 10%.

Mr. Aharonian knew that developing healthy chocolates can be very profitable.

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