Honduras Man Dr. Sebi Found the Cure To All Diseases: AIDS, HIV, Diabetes, Cancer + More [VIDEO]

Nov 02, 2015 10:04 PM EST | By Martha Ignacio


With so many diseases around, some are becoming much harder to treat and even find cures for. But what if someone already found a cure for most diseases back in the '80s?

Apparently, a doctor from Honduras already has. Unilad reports:

"Dr. Sebi was an ambassador for self-healing and what he said he could allegedly cure was staggering from the world's deadliest conditions: cancer, AIDS, HIV, diabetes, and mental health afflictions such as bipolar disorder and depression.

"An immigrant from Honduras to the U.S., Dr. Sebi was a healer, pathologist, herbalist, biochemist and naturalist, amongst other things, and was dedicated to helping people overcome any ailments. He took the notion of self-healing all the way to the mainstream and changed the course of history towards the cure of all disease."

Dr. Sebi doesn't even have a medical degree, and only has a certificate of healing hanging on the wall. Sebi believes that ailments can easily be treated through the use of natural alkaline herbs, in addition to a vegetarian diet he dubbed "electric booze," which is comprised of mushrooms, greens, and rye bread without starch.

Back in 1988, Sebi found himself being sued for false advertisement and practicing without a license - after placing multiples ads in newspapers, even in the New York Post - against the New York Attorney General in a Supreme Court trial.

Prior to the trial, Sebi was asked to find witnesses per disease that he allegedly have cured. Dr. Sebi was later found to not have been guilty, after being joined by 77 other people in court. The ruling thereby proved that Dr. Sebi was able to cure all the diseases that was mentioned in the press.

Turns out, several celebrities have even sought help in healing from Dr. Sebi in the past. These celebrities include Michael Jackson, John Travolta, and Eddie Murphy.

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