Team Canada’s Beer Fridge Only Accessible With Canadian Passports

Feb 11, 2014 08:51 PM EST | By Dina Exil

Despite being in second place in the Sochi medal count, Team Canada is reportedly enjoying the perks of being an Olympian.

According to Yahoo Sports, Team Canada has a Molson beer fridge that can only be accessed when a Canadian passport is inserted. The Canadian beer fridge is located in the team's Olympic house.

The fridge is part of a marketing campaign from Molson. Once an Olympian scans their passport, the fridge will automatically open, supplying the individual with free beer.

"We knew Sochi would be a great fit for the passport fridge, and Molson Coors has been long term partners with the Canadian Olympic Committee," Molson Coors spokesman Forest Kenney said in a statement.

Kenney added: "As part [of] our collaboration, they invited us to play a role in the hospitality at their official Canada House in Olympic Village. The photo you may have seen circulating is actually one of the folks from our team at Canada House, using her passport to open the fridge."

The company has also released a commercial showing the beer fridge in various locations throughout Europe, according to the Huffington Post.

Last week, U.S. Figure Skating team showed the world that the athletes at the 2014 Sochi Olympics have a keychain that allows them to get free Coca-Cola and Powerade. In between the friendly competition, some reporters have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration with the food and beverages being provided.

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