Mindfulness: An Effective Way to Stay Calm and Productive

Nov 09, 2015 09:17 PM EST | By Jeanell Sumagpao

Stress, the common enemy of hardworking people might probably found its rival: Calmness. Study reveals that mindfulness, a condition of the mind that exemplifies a person's consciousness on the present events while staying calm even feelings and thoughts are running in her mind, is a method that strengthens a person's ability to be productive by changing the condition of the brain.

Previous studies showed how exercising mindfulness has an impact in a person's mind. From one study conducted, experts discovered that from the eight regions of the brain, there are two that are significant to a person in which mindfulness plays a vital role. When mindfulness meditation is utilized, the brain movement and the density of brain tissue can be regulated.

One of the two important brain divisions is the Anterior Cingulate Cortex (ACC). According to the Journal of Neuropsychiatry, ACC is located in a peculiar spot inside the brain associated with "emotional" limbic system and the "cognitive" prefrontal cortex. It plays a significant part in the organization of processes in the nervous system and neuronal circuitry. It is also a unique region in psychopathology. The ACC's main function is self-discipline. It allows a person to withstand interruptions and to stay undistracted in making good choices.

The second region, Hippocampus, is associated with long-term memory. A person with Alzheimer's disease more likely has this part of the brain damaged. Resilience is one of the traits attributed to hippocampus.

Mindfulness meditation helps in gaining strength to manage uncontrollable thoughts and attitude. Results of previous studies prove that a person practicing mindfulness as a form of meditation is more aware of her situation and concentrated. It is an effective way to release stress gained through the whole day's work. It also provides aid to a person to stay calm and work effectively throughout the day. 

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