New Food App To Help You Plan Meals And Cut Back Food Waste

Nov 10, 2015 08:46 AM EST | By Myraine Carluen Policarpio


If you want to do your part in cutting food waste, you have to start planning your meals. When you make this a habit, you eventually save time, effort and resources in being able to prepare a simpler and more practical task.

However, it has become inevitable if there are still extra portions of ingredients that don't get used and end up being wasted. Now this one calls for a detailed meal plan supported and powered by the latest food app called Foodfully.

Most moms who run the household are busy either with their career, business or other errands. So what they actually need is a kitchen partner who would help them with most of the chores.

Many apps are found useful and helpful to most of the things that you usually do, from finance, time and stress management, name it, you'd have it. But what makes Foodfully different is that it deals with detailed planning. Imagine, how great it would be to have an app that could just scan the contents of your fridge and pantry and even suggest what you have to do with them. Ideally, the app will generate and send you its recommendation in the form of quick recipes.

Tree Hugger included in its report that Creator Brianna McGuire wanted to do something about the 20 pounds of food waste the average American tosses in the trash every month. And to cut back on waste, "the app keeps track of the food you buy from the store and offers recipes using the ingredients you have and alerts you when items are about to go bad and need to be used quickly".

This smartphone application helps users be aware of the food freshness with the use of a database that calculates the foods' shelf and fridge life. This also lets the users input what food and grocery items are being regularly consumed during mealtimes. Using a voice prompt or swiping off the inventory, items may also be removed when they were already eaten.

Foodfully is set to be launched by the end of this year and is currently in beta testing. According to the app testing and research committee, it could help people cut their food waste by as much as 50 percent. 

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