Food Reviews NYC: Jimmy's 43, The Modern European Speakeasy

Feb 18, 2014 04:26 PM EST | By Ian Powell

Finding Jimmy's 43 is not an easy task, but the seeker is rewarded.  Track a small staircase down to the basement, and one could almost feel as if they're going back in time--to a more secretive and cool era. Opening the door reveals a mixture of hobbit hole and speakeasy.  

That warm atmosphere follows through to their menus and beer selections. It feels as though one is drinking in a place with a history, yet is spared no expense in modernity. The menu looks like a comfort food hit-list with grilled cheeses and German-inspired stomach warmers that lead to multiple re-readings. The beer list is stunning, with exotic beers that are clearly hand-picked for complimenting the meals. The owners obviously have a grip on what's hip, and what they're going for with their menu.

Service is quick and friendly, and the food itself is mouthwatering and delicious. The portion sizes are a bit small, but the flavor makes up for it. Rich, filling, and an incredibly laid-back atmosphere make a meal at Jimmy's easily consumed and leaves one feeling relaxed. It's the ideal, winter time restaurant, isolating you from the cold and snow outside while giving you a hearty and warming meal.

Jimmy's 43 has become active with events as well, giving home brewing lessons, tap dancing classes, and hosting multiple music events. The place is small, oddly shaped, and certainly holds up against other restaurants in the area. With its interesting locale, delicious home-styled food, and amazing beer selection, Jimmy's 43 is well worth the search.

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