When Foodgramming Turns into 'Bread and Butter': Food Instagrammers Take Over ECommerce

Nov 18, 2015 08:57 PM EST | By Steph Tortogo


It is quite remarkable how only in a span of years, the technological advancement has taken things, in all aspects, to the next level.There is no denying that the web is a huge place where people could make use of whatever they have to offer, and this group of youngsters have maximized theirs creatively.

19-year-olds Natalie Landsberg, Gillian Presto and Emily Morse have created a joint account called @New_Fork_City where they cleverly and innovatively showcase snaps of their food, also known as #foodgramming, through the massively popular mobile app, Instagram. They were only being normal Instagram users doing the usual, until their follower count skyrocketed to six digits.

Nowadays, most people eat with their eyes and that's a fact, and since the girls' grid of food photography is no joke, they have attracted thousands of people and are now being courted by restaurants and food spots for advertisement and promotions. For posting a stylish and flattering image alone, they earn up to $350. Just imagine how much more they can accumulate if all the restaurants in the city would seek help from them. Their parents, being supportive and seeing so much potential for future legitimate business through their daughters' efforts, have spent almost $15,000 just to trademark the name New_Fork_City.

Apart from @New_Fork_City, there are other Instagram users who have turned their accounts into an advertisement ground and have made use of their skills in a very wise way. There's @nobread, @eatingnyc, @trendsontrends_ and a whole lot more. According to these passionate individuals, it's not always the easy route.

In order for them to be able to run an effective account, they must prove themselves to be a credible and trustworthy source. Not everything goes according to plan so what these Instagram entrepreneurs are doing isn't as easy as we think it is.

They place their opinions toward a kind of food and everything else out in the open, in which thousands of people will be able to view, putting their perception and preference of things out in the open.

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