The Health Benefits of Avocado are Backed Up by Science

Nov 24, 2015 06:29 PM EST | By Pao Uychiat

Many health discoveries have been published for everyone to be aware. Though some of these food discoveries have not yet proven its health benefits, many still believe that following what is published in the articles they read can truly be helpful. According to ABC, one of these so called "health miracle" food would be the Avocado. An American research has looked into the health benefits of the said fruit.

There were a lot of studies from prestigious universities including Pennsylvania State, Ohio and Tufts have found the link of eating avocado to health outcomes like better cognitive function, improved blood pressure, lower blood sugar, better diet adherence and improved cardiovascular health.

Five years ago, there was an oversupply of the fruit which made the growers bury the fruits they couldn't sell. However, Antony Allen, the chief executive of grower-owned marketing group The Avolution said that because of research the demand for fruit improved as well. The research was done independently therefore giving it more credibility.

He said, "What we're talking about is world class university research centers working on this sort of work, it's not just some backyard operation, we're talking about some of the most elite universities in the US. They're blind trials and they actually did trial that - people were actually eating exactly the same other fruits and vegetables and the only change that they used was the addition of the avocado."

He explained that the findings may help change the association of fruit shakes to cholesterol and bad fats. The research proved that this wasn't the case and actually it was found that it's the total opposite. Coming from a complicated research, the message is simple; avocados have good fats not bad fats. This is another part of avocados that is proven and backed up by science.

He said the new information added to the value of the product, giving growers an opportunity to make the most of the market.

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