"Wine Bathing" The Reason Why Japanese People Are Suddenly Bathing In Wine

Nov 27, 2015 07:00 PM EST | By abbie uychiat


It's already been a known fact that wine has countless health benefits. As per Medical News Daily, moderate wine consumption is good for the health. It reduces depression, prevents colon cancer, it has anti-aging compounds, it can prevent breast cancer, dementia, and many more. Drinking wine also has numerous antioxidant components that can remove free radicals from the body.

Drinking wine is one thing, but who would have thought that bathing in wine can be a good thing too?  

As per Daily Mail, wine bathing is the latest craze in terms of beauty regimen. The website then added that an alternative program called "vinotherapy" states that wine can help reduce the appearance and formation of wrinkles, shift cellulite, and can even be used as an effective face lift.

Vinotherapy first started out in France, which has the first wine spa in the world. The therapy involves being massaged, wrapped, and smothered in France's finest wine extracts. The spa also offered a wide variety of Caudalie's range of grapeseed beauty products.

Honey and wine wraps are often offered to those individuals that would want to get rid of cellulites.

 Merlot wrap on the other hand is made available for those who would want to relax. The process involves application of local clay and organic essential oils which promotes relaxation.

The spa's owner Daniel Cathiard stated that the wine spa offers a new unique treatment.

 "People are getting bored with traditional treatments using seaweed and mud, so we wanted to come up with something different, we consulted health experts about the possibility of using red wine, and our tests have shown it really can help you shift cellulite and feel invigorated. We don't just use any old plonk. The wine we use is worth between three and eight pounds a bottle depending on the treatment. "

Aside from France however, Food Beast reported that Japan also has their own wine spa located in Hakone, a city in Japan, which is home to the Hakone Kowakien Yunessun spa which features numerous hot pools filled with red wine and water. SPA guests are allowed to drink wine from either their choice of glasses or just scoop a handful of wine from the pool.

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