Apple Watch: It’s Pretty, But Is It Useful? Read More About The Gadget Affectionately Called iWatch

Sep 15, 2014 01:28 PM EDT | By Victoria Guerra


After months of expectancy following Samsung's release of their first smartwatch, Galaxy Gear, their rivaling company has responded with the Apple Watch, the brand's newest device; but, what novelty does Apple's smartwatch bring to the table in this tech-savvy world?

As every gadget made by the company founded by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, the Apple Watch is breathtakingly attractive. The Palo Alto-based company has always set itself apart for creating beautiful technology, with light colors and smooth edges; this has even been marked by popular culture, as Eve from Pixar's Wall-E's design is actually based on that of an iPod. The view is lovely, as it was expected from Apple - but, as happens when any technology product is first released, the doubt is one of functionality: what does the new Apple Watch do?

For starters, the Apple Watch is the company's first step in a new tech trend: wearable devices. Not only does it connect with the user's iPhone; it connects, first and foremost, with his or her skin. This allows the gadget endless possibilities, only hinted at during last week's keynote: a device directly connected to the user's body can note every small change that your body goes through, in a non-invasive way; in the most obvious manner, it could track the user's heart rate for a cardiologist report later on, without the need for an invasive procedure.

With the new platform's first big launches, HealthKit and HomeKit, the aim is precisely that: combining the known territory of creating new apps in the App Store with the new possibilities of having the user wearing a small computer that can track what's going on in his body. These are just the beginning: it'll be the job of developers to create useful - and perhaps even amusing - apps that can use the new platform ... and Siri will be there to guide users trough

At first, things will probably be confusing with Apple Watch; but this has happened after the launch of every single market-changing product the company has made: the iPhone and iPad had those same issues. It is now in the hands of developers to show the world everything that can be done with Apple Watch.

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