Jared Leto 2015: Is ‘Suicide Squad’ Joker Feuding With Taylor Swift Over ‘1989’? [VIDEO]

Dec 07, 2015 08:15 PM EST | By Victoria Guerra

Oscar-winning actor and 30 Seconds to Mars rocker Jared Leto has been all over the news over the past year, as he was cast as the Joker in the DC supervillain film "Suicide Squad" and apparently brought all the heaviness of his Method acting to the movie, stepping out the game - but could Jared Leto's 2015 end with a pop star feud, of all things?

Taylor Swift has also had a huge year in 2015, with her album "1989" breaking all kinds of record sales as she tours with it all over the world and releases instant hits like "Bad Blood" - but in a recent Jared Leto 2015 clip, it seems like the "Fight Club" actor is far from impressed with his fellow singer.

In a recent Jared Leto 2015 clip unearthed by TMZ, the multitalented 43 year-old meets up with his band to listen to some music for inspiration for their new album, choosing Swift's hit-making sound as inspiration, and after a while it looks like the star isn't really feeling it.

As Nylon reports, the Jared Leto 2015 video, taken while he and the rest of 30 Seconds to Mars were at the studio fishing for some sound inspiration from the pop diva, saw the actor-musician commenting on things like not liking "Welcome to New York" at all or being surprised at Swift's "Starbucks lovers" verse on "Blank Space," and, of course, calling "Style" quite an "interesting little pop song."

"Idon't give a f**k about her. It's whatever works best for us," Leto concludes after hearing the entire "1989" album, via The Daily Mail, obviously coming to the Jared Leto 2015 realization that whatever Swift's doing with her music doesn't quite match what 30 Seconds to Mars is known for, at all.

It's hard to tell whether Leto meant he just disliked the music or if he was directly annoyed at Swift, but you can watch the Jared Leto 2015 clip below and judge for yourself.

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