'Hello Barbie' Can Be Hacked, Security Experts Warn

Dec 08, 2015 09:28 AM EST | By Veronica P. De Leon


Security experts are warning everyone especially the parents about the danger of the Hello Barbie Doll of Mattel. According to the security researchers, the doll has security flaws and can be penetrated by hackers which can compromise the privacy and safety of children playing with it.

Bluebox Labs, a security firm has revealed that the Hello Barbie mobile app has problem with how it communicates to the serves in the cloud. According to the firm, the encryption technology used in the said toy is weak and vulnerable.

Base on the findings of the security researchers, the security flaws in the toys technology can give hackers the opportunity to alter the data being sent between the doll and the server. As a result, the invaders can freely eaves drop on the communication of the doll and the child. Hackers can even manipulate the message that the talking toy can give which can cause harmful effects to the behavior of the child.

Whatever the doll is saying might harm the kid emotionally and mentally. In addition, hackers can also took advantage of the access they can have to gather the data of the children to track down their address.

The vulnerability was first reported last month and the company claimed that they already fixed the problem. A researcher named Matt Jakubowski was able to successfully hack the Hello Barbie doll's system when the device was connected to the Wi-Fi. Jakubowski demonstrated how hackers can invade the said toy easily.

Hello Barbie which has the ability to talk, listen and answer the questions of the kid was released earlier this year. Over time, the toy will be able to know more about the likes and dislikes of the child and be able to predict upcoming questions.

Toy Talk, the company responsible for the technology of the talking doll assured the parent that they will not pollute the minds of the children by inserting dirty messages in the toy's brain.

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