Charlie Sheen HIV: Legal Drama With Brett Rossi Continues, ‘Two And A Half Men’ Star Calls Ex Brett Rossi ‘Extortionist’ Over Abortion Claims

Dec 08, 2015 05:04 PM EST | By Victoria Guerra

It's been only a few weeks since Golden Globe-winning "Two and a Half Men" actor Charlie Sheen confessed on the "Today" show to having been diagnosed with HIV a few years back, and while Martin Sheen's most famous son hoped his woes would end by stepping up, Charlie Sheen's HIV confession has caused a myriad of other problems.

According to Page Six, the actor has hit back on the lawsuit his ex fiancée Brett Rossi recently filed against him, where she claimed he'd hidden Charlie Sheen's HIV diagnosis from her at the beginning of their relationship and later forced her to have an abortion.

"This is a case by an extortionist, Scottine Ross aka Brett Rossi . . . who gets paid for sex as a prostitute and a porn star," read the court documents on the case related to Charlie Sheen's HIV, as obtained by Us Weekly.

Last month, when Charlie Sheen's HIV diagnosis became public after weeks of media speculation, the actor revealed that his decision to step up was prompted by having spent "millions" paying to extortionists, but since he went public with the virus, legal threats have been all over him with Rossi most notoriously filing a lawsuit against him.

The star also claims Rossi was well aware of Charlie Sheen's HIV diagnosis from the start of their relationship and that she "insisted" on having sexual relations with him with no protection; Sheen's legal team also says Rossi was among the people close to him who attempted to disclose Sheen's condition even after she'd signed a confidentiality agreement.

Rossi's attorneys recently spoke to Fox News, denying that Sheen's former fiancée ever extorted him and that they'd in the past negotiated a settlement to resolve her valid legal claims (she's accusing him of assault and battery, false imprisonment, emotional distress and negligence), but Sheen's lawyers backed down and she was forced to file suit.

There are rumors claiming that Charlie Sheen's HIV confession will prompt several other suits, as the actor may have slept with hundreds of women since his diagnosis and failed to mention his condition to them.

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