McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Rakes In Sales With New Customers, Are Old Ones Coming Back?

Dec 10, 2015 09:14 AM EST | By Althea Serad


McDonald's All-Day Breakfast launched back in early October, and according to a new study, via The Wall Street Journal, the fast food company's decision to bring in new customers is working.

Market researcher and consultancy firm NPD Group Inc. conducted the study on the McDonald's All-Day Breakfast. The firm used a database of more than 27,000 McDonald's receipts.

The study claims that one-third of those who purchased McDonald's All-Day Breakfast at breakfast and lunch were ones who hadn't ordered anything at all from the chain before the launch began. Lapsed customer are also reportedly coming back to McDonald's because of the breakfast menu.

In addition, breakfast orders reportedly increased from 39 to 47 percent,

The Chicago Tribune also reported that old customers are brought back because of the breakfast menu two months into its launch.

When the McDonald's All-Day Breakfast launched in October 6, observers claimed it to be the company's chance at redeeming itself following years of sluggish sales. Indeed, McDonald's said the menu turned around sales weeks later.

Last month, McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook said customers actually bought more during each visit following the launch, with the recent NPD study claiming lunch hours was a time that sales peaked, since it's the busiest time of day and customers wanted breakfast and lunch items per order.

A data shared by McDonald's to Tribune last week saw four people buying fries with their breakfast items, and 20 percent ordered hash browns during lunch.

While the report claimed that breakfast loving customers increased with the launch of the McDonald's All-Day Breakfast, a survey has revealed that for franchisees, the results of the launch had been disastrous, according to CBS Local.

They said their food preparation became complicated and customers were buying cheaper breakfast items than pricier sandwiches.

The Business Insider reported at the time that franchisees had slower service, lower ticket costs, as well as increased confusion in the kitchen.

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