Wonder Grain: Restaurant Chefs Rave About Sorghum

Dec 17, 2015 01:10 PM EST | By M.R. Maestro

When we think of making pilaf, risotto or jambalaya, we always have quinoa, jasmine or brown rice. But there is a new buzz in restaurant chefs' kitchens all over United States about this new "wonder grain": the sorghum

The sorghum, an ancient grain found in dry African plains are now making waves in restaurants all over the U.S. and used in desserts, salads, and just any main entre-- chefs just can't help the wonders it can do to their dishes.   

Cena by Michy and Seagrape in Miami Chef Michelle Bernstein said that there should be variety in the menu so that the food they serve won't be boring, thus turning to sorghum instead of just using quinoa in their rice dishes. "It fills your mouth and your stomach," Berstein added as she explained that the sorghum's versatility and texture has an edge over other grains. 

The sorghum was ignored in the U.S. even if it's a widely used cereal crop around the world. The grain actually has been used mostly as animal feeds. 

Among the many health benefits of sorghum is its antioxidant properties and it is gluten-free which helps better digestion. The 'wonder grain' also is eco-friendly as it uses a third-less water than an acre of corn and fewer expensive fertilizers, The Guardian reports.  

The grain also is low cost and is easy to grow compared to other widely-used grains in cooking. Tom Kaplan, co-owner of Hugo's restaurant in California boasts their menu's usage of the wonder grain and explains that it is really cheap: "Even if the price goes up two or three times, it'll still be cheaper than quinoa," Kaplan said. He also added that it's about time that sorghum become a staple ingredient in the U.S. 

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