Attention Dieters: Be Careful! You May Eat a Lot This Holiday Season

Dec 23, 2015 03:00 PM EST | By Dominique Mijares ( )

Top resolutions for New Year's still include losing weight. It's even more common than quitting cigarettes or saving.

According to a weight loss expert, dieters may have a tendency to eat more this coming holiday as per Cambridge News. Cravings that have been suppressed will definitely get to these people. This is especially true since the dinner menu will include lots and lots of chocolates, cakes, mince pies, and sweet drinks.

The founder of HypnoSlimming and a hypnotherapist for weight loss, Michael A. Cox, has examined the eating behavior and patterns of those planning on dieting in the New Year. Before Christmas time, more and more people were already certain that January would be the best time to start losing weight.

Cox explains how these dieters think about losing weight. "Most people look at weight loss or dieting as something negative, something that represents sacrifice. This is why many people who want or need to lose weight will actually consume more over the festive period. They have communicated to themselves that they are going to diet or from an evolutionary perspective, experience a famine, and are over-consuming as a way to prepare." Well, this makes more sense - it's no wonder why most of us tend to overeat during the holidays. Cox believes though that this may lead to a destructive mindset.

They think that it's an entire sacrifice of the food that they want to eat. The dominant belief is that they want to eat but they cannot or shouldn't give in. This may not be the best weight loss strategy.

In this case, let's go through Cox's tips on how to manage temptations this Christmas season:

1. Get ahead of yourself.

If you plan on going on a diet in New Year's, the Christmas season weight gain will totally give you a head ache. Reducing your calorie intake during Christmas means that it'll be easier for you in the New Year.

2. Distract yourself.

When you see food, your brain totally shuts down and your mouth just starts working. Wrong. Tell yourself not to eat those chocolate bars nestled under the Christmas tree or that freshly baked apple pie in the kitchen or the leftover turkey on the table. You can eat less if you don't 'look' for food or simply avoid places where they can pop in any second. You can try to divert your focus as well on different things, just not on food.

3. Delay your gratification. There are other things that you may have forgotten to do or you just simply put off. Try to do other things like cleaning the house, or washing your car. When saying no to food may seem impolite, just try to say, 'Maybe later.'

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