14 Ways You Can Make Your Photo: #FoodPorn on Instagram

Feb 04, 2016 12:30 PM EST | By Florence May P. Jose


Have you been drooling over glorious photos of food all over your feed and wonder why can't you turn your food photo to the ultimate #foodporn online.

Follow these 14 tips by Charlotte Palermino from Cosmopolitan.com next time you dine out and see awesome results!

1. Find good lighting.

The very definition of photography is "drawing with light". Making it the basis of technicality, there are only two main factors affecting the overall appearance of a photograph; drawing-which we can say the composition and light, simple as that.

A good lighting will work wonders not only on your subject, but also on your phone camera or digital camera. The more light you use, the clearer and sharper your photo will be.

You don't need studio lights or any fancy equipment to achieve this. Change your position, move your object and know where the light and shadows are.

2. Try holding the food in your hand

There's nothing wrong with touching your food and capturing it on camera-it's your food for crying out loud. Plus, holding it makes it look more natural and not staged.

3. Capture the scene. 

Remember composition? Make sense of the background and the environment. Maybe the interior of the café or restaurant is pretty, that will make a good background. Maybe the other customers make a pop of color-anything that could catch your eye. Try it. Explore.

4. Hold it over your #OOTD. 

Why not combine your #OOTD or #SOTD (Shoes of the Day) with your daily #FoodPorn posts? It's efficient and totally chic. Some people usually incorporate their accessories-like their bags or sunnies in the picture.

5. Find an interesting background.

Sure the beach or a field of flowers would be cool backgrounds. But what would you do if the restaurant you are in is in the hustle and bustle of a busy street? It's up to you to look for catchy and interesting backgrounds. Change angles, adjust your position.

But, remember that the focus of the photo is the food, not the background. Try not to overemphasize the background of the photo and keep the eyes on the food.

6. Go outside.

If you are eating a pop of color, why not capturing a photo of it against a dull-looking brick wall? Or if you are eating something neutral, hold it up in front of the busy street. The environment around you is the ultimate studio-the sunset, cityscapes and cobbled streets, you just have to look and experiment.

7. Show off your mani. 

Another one stone hitting two birds. Creatively hold your food in a way that you can display your freshly-made manis and nail arts! Also, don't forget to hashtag: #NailGoals!

8. Stack your food. 

If you find your food too flat, like pancakes or flat bread, try stacking it. That's a new perspective!

9. Take an overhead shot. 

The basic food photography technique is still in. (Almost) Everybody does it so go on, don't be shy. Stand up and take your time. Remember; lighting, composition, etc. Go, you!

10. Try to get a texture shot. 

Try adding another dimension to you photo by showing texture from your food-crunch, crumbles, drips and some ooey-gooey goodness-anything that would definitely make the food pop from the photo!

11. Add some humans to the party. 

One thing that makes a photo beautiful is humanizing it. Include people. Include action and include real moments in the picture so that it will not only make people go "Yum!" but also "Aww."

12. Take a bite out of it!

If you accidentally took a bite from your food before snapping a photo? Don't worry! Bite marks (on food) are awesome! In doubt? Look at the Apple logo!

13. Get a good photo-editing app.

Reinforce good shots with good photo editing apps. Some apps offer filters, while others offer as far as complicated pro editing tools. Sometimes all a pretty photo needs for it to be a "wow" photo is a change in color, or maybe contrast or brightness.

14. Don't be embarrassed. 

Keep in mind: You are doing many people a favor-snapping #FoodInspo or Food inspirations are no joke! But also remember to enjoy yourself and indulge the food!

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