Most Americans Prefer Pepperoni-Topped Pizza: Find Out Why

Mar 10, 2016 05:30 AM EST | By Chandan Das

Many are of the view that the American's love for pizza is a manifestation of the growing popularity of vegetarian foods in the United States. Findings of a survey released by Harris Poll recently asked the Americans whether or not they liked pizza and where they go for the best. The survey also revealed that pepperoni topped pizza was top on the list of the American's favorite while anchovies was the least preferred add-ons. It showed that most Americans were also not interested in mushroom-topped pizzas.

The Harris Poll was undertaken online between Jan. 13 and 18 and involved 2,193 American adults, Food Processing reported.

When asked where one could find the best pizzas in the United States, And in the great debate over where to find the best, the respondents of the survey suggested New York, while Chicago was a favorite place for deep dish. They considered New York to be the best place to get a good slice while Illinois comes second.

As far as the crust of their favorite pizza is concerned, there is no unanimity among the Americans. While the survey found the 29 percent people like a thin crust, about 18 percent pizza lovers preferred the standard crust. Compared to this, 15 percent respondents like deep-dish, while 14 percent Americans preferred stuffed pizza crust. Among others, just 9 percent of the respondents said that they liked thick crust pizzas while the French breast style and Sicilian crust were preferred by 4 percent and 3 percent American adults respectively.

The poll found that while there are differences regarding the pizza toppings and the crust-style, most Americans were relatively unanimous that they loved to eat pizza. In addition, their dislikes too were almost common, as most said that anchovies are the least preferred topping. Interestingly, the poll found that what one respondent considered being a prized food, the other considered it to be a trash. Therefore, it is not surprising that the items listed in the top 10 favorites also appear in 10 least favorite lists!

The favorites included pepperoni and sausage followed by mushrooms, pineapple, onions, and olives. Then again, pepperoni is also listed sixth on the list of the least favorite toppings, while peppers and sausage rank seventh and eighth. Meat is ranked ninth least favorite.  

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