Food Tastes Better After Posting Them On Instagram: Study

Mar 11, 2016 06:00 AM EST | By Mark Jason Alcala


If you ever find yourself annoyed at times with all those ceaseless food picture postings in Instagram, you are not alone. And it is perfectly normal to feel that way especially if the delectable food photos posted by these insensitive Instagram friends are exactly those specifically forbidden by your doctor.

Apparently, there is a scientific explanation for this sometimes annoying trend. According to a recent article in Yahoo News, taking pictures and posting them on Instagram can actually make the food taste better.

A study involving 120 participants was conducted by researchers from the University of San Diego and Saint Joseph University. The researchers tested the participants' perception of taste with and without Instagramming. In addition, the researchers used two kinds of food: indulgent, which is red velvet cake in this particular experiment and healthy food which is fruit salad.

Surprisingly, those who took the time to snap a picture of the red velvet cake and posted in on Instagram found it tastier compared to those who just consumed it immediately.

On the other hand, no difference was noted for the healthier food - fruit salad - as its taste remained unchanged both for those who Instagrammed it and those who did not.

The study concluded that the only foods deemed as indulgent will have that improved perceived taste effect. It has something to do with the fact that delaying food consumption - no matter how it is done - would lead to a buildup of anticipation of the taste of what is about to be eaten.

But it is best not to overdo it, though. University of Toronto Women's College Hospital at the University of Toronto Dr. Valerie Taylor explains that religiously documenting each meal is not only annoying but could signal a dieting problem. Dr Taylor told The Huffington Post that when food becomes central that the rest - the company, the venue - becomes the background, it could signal an unhealthy preoccupation with food, which is linked to eating issues and weight gain.

So the next time you find yourself about to react to the latest food posting, just remember this - they might have some deep-seated food problems or are just trying to make their meals taste a little better.

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