Memphis Meats Introduces Meat Without Killing Animals: Details Here

Mar 18, 2016 06:43 AM EDT | By Chandan Das


In the latest development in culinary science, a team of scientists at Memphis Meats, located in San Francisco Bay Area, has successfully developed contamination-free meat in a laboratory using animal cells. The best part of this cultured meat is that it can be harvested anything between 9 to 21 days.

This novel technique developed by the scientists led by Uma S Valeti will not only help in large-scale slaughter of animals but also make the meat contamination free. Most Americans love meat, but are wary of the conventional meat production owing to the adverse side effects, the company announced on its website. According to Memphis Meat, their novel product will be devoid of antibiotics, pathogens, fecal substances and other toxins.

The company further stated that they have adopted a novel farming technique with a view to providing the consumers meat that is as delicious as the conventional meat they are habituated to, but without any of its downsides. Memphis Meats said that they are employing the "inventive strength of Silicon Valley together with the rich culinary traditions of the American" with a view to offering superior quality meat to customers across the world.

According to the company, the concept is simple and involves farming meat directly, rather than farming animals for their meat. They have achieved this by blending their "decades of experience in culinary with scientific fields" to farm real meat cells without the animals. Memphis Meats claimed that the process employed by them the process is healthier, safer as well as more sustainable compared to the traditional animal farming. "Our products are delicious, too: all are developed with recipes honed over a half century by award-winning chefs," the company asserted.

In order to develop the exclusive variety of meat without slaughtering an animal, the scientists isolated cells from the chosen animal, which possessed the aptitude to renew themselves, Huffington Post quoted the lead scientist Valeti via PTI. Subsequently, the cells were supplied with oxygen and requisite nutrients like sugars and minerals, she said.

India-born Valeti further said that currently they are working on chicken, pork and beef because these three types of meat have the highest consumption rate. Moreover, they are also responsible for maximum ecological and health impact. The test runs for the lab developed beef meat has already been completed.

Watch the video on world's first cultured meatball below:

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