Can UberEATS Answer All Your Seamless Despairs?

Apr 02, 2016 02:39 AM EDT | By Shari Ann Solano

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Uber recently uncovered its standalone food delivery application, UberEATS, with service that is presently available on 100th St in Manhattan. In a comparable vein to different Seamless competitors like Caviar, UberEATS highlights a very much curated rundown of more than 100 NYC eateries like Court Street Grocers, Noreetuh, Empellon al Pastor and Egg Shop. You can use your Uber account to pay and request from spots that are within your delivery zone.

Usual delivery time for Seamless is anywhere from 35 to 55 minutes, with Caviar and Postmates somewhere same domain. UberEATS is seemingly the quickest, offering as low as a 15-26 minute wait on several requests. There's additionally a delivery alternative that guarantees to get you food in less than 10 minutes from a rundown of everyday specials from local eateries according to the Thrillist.

Menu costs are still the same on UberEATS, however unlike some Seamless sellers, there's no necessity to meet a minimum order to place on UberEATS. Also, while Caviar and Postmates charge a delivery expense on all orders, there's none of those on UberEATS either. So you could hypothetically order a $3.25 carne asada taco from Otto's Tacos and rest until tomorrow according to Brick Underground.

A rep for Uber said that this won't keep going forever and there are just no minimums and no delivery charges for a limited time. They've guaranteed that when the change is made, the fee, which will be attached to all orders, will be low. And similar to a standard Uber, you don't need to tip.

This truly can't be underlined enough. While Seamless has attempted to uproot these fake eateries a rep added, "We made changes as soon as the issue was brought to our attention. Since then, we have removed the small handful of restaurants that were in violation of our terms from our platforms."



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