Would You Dare Smelling Garlicky Overnight For A Blemish-Free Skin?

Apr 18, 2016 08:26 AM EDT | By Mark Jason Alcala

Garlic clove.
Latest viral video shows how garlic can be used to treat skin blemishes.
(Photo : Photo by Ross Land/Getty Images)

Garlic's numerous health benefits are well-document. However, there is yet another recently known use of garlic that is currently making the rounds in social media. Introduced by blogger Farah Dhukai, garlic is now touted to be an all-cure when in comes to unwanted facial spots, especially pimples and acne.

This new applicaiton for the common kitchen ingredient piqued the interest of the blogosphere. The video, released just days ago became viral since then earning tons of views. In the video clip, the beautiful blogger is shown worrying about a pimple near her chin. Farah then applied garlic sap to the offending pimple by rubbing the exposed end of a glove of garlic on the unwanted blemish. After a night's rest, the video shows that Farah's pimple magically disappeared.

The internet is an interesting place to scour for fantastic health claims. Among the more radical approach to achieving a blemish free and even removing dark eye circles include using toothpaste as a facial mask and a do-it-yourself turmeric-based concoction touted to remove the dark shadows around one's eyes found in MyHealthTips.

This latest garlicky trend, however, shows some promise. Garlic has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties according to HealwithFood. For these reasons, garlic could conceivably help one eliminate skin blemishes if they are caused by these agents. In addition, the garlic approach offers a significant advantage to the other two. Compared to toothpaste and turmeric masks, this treatment is relatively discreet.

But some may balk at the idea of rubbing raw garlic directly to their skin. It seems a lot of people just can't stand the smell of garlic even when it is just used to flavor food. This method would be particularly challenging to this group of people as it requires to leave the garlic sap on the trouble area overnight.

Apparently, the DIY beauty regimen is actually an ancient one reports YahooNews. Other ancient and natural DIY beauty regimen include using egg whites but, between the two, garlic is definitely the stinkier option.

In case, one still decides to try this beauty option, check out the video below.




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