Beyond Food: Why Fast-Food Chains Are Now Selling Non-Edible Creations

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Beyond Food: Why Fast-Food Chains Are Now Selling Non-edible Creations

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It has been over a year ago when the COVID-19 pandemic started that has disturbed every part of our lives. Until now, we still see its tremendous effects on various industries, especially when it comes to food services. Many were forced to close down their businesses, while others tried innovation by offering additional products and services.

According to MSN, McDonald's is gearing up to offer a limited edition line of clothing and music. Surprisingly, McDonald's is not the only one, as others like Dunkin and Chipotle are also moving towards the same goal.

CHKNDrop Merchandise

Related reports from revealed that for an early taste of their new chicken sandwich, fans can buy it with a limited-edition capsule available exclusively on their website.

Select fans will receive a hoodie and never-before-heard Tay Keith music on 7" vinyl. Meanwhile, the limited edition hoodie features a waveform design of Keith's original track on one sleeve and a black-and-white print of the new McDonald's chicken sandwich on the back.

McDonald's VP of U.S. Communications, David Tovar, said that they are aware the fans cannot wait to taste the new McDonald's chicken sandwich and that they would like to celebrate the moment with a drop like no other.

While it is normal for fast-food chains to sell merchandise as a part of a launch, restaurant sector analyst Andrew Charles said that there is another reason fast-food chains are ramping up the effort during the pandemic.

He explained that selling non-edible merchandise is a good and low-cost way for food establishments to be kept on the top of mind of consumers. He added that this is a way for them to advertise during the pandemic.

In addition, fast-food chains are also now tapping influencers to create limited-edition merchandise that appeals much to the younger Millennial and Gen Z consumers.

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Dunkin and Chipotle's Wearables

While McDonald's is getting busy with the upcoming release of their new chicken sandwich that features non-edible merchandise as part of the package, Dunkin and Chipotle have also announced their brand wearables.

Chipotle is said to launch a limited edition clothing for the Chipotle Goods collection. They decided to collaborate with the 12-year-old TikTok sensation, Roy Murray, aka the "Chipotle Is My Life" Kid.


The merchandise features a screenshot of little Roy, which is printed in front of the clothing from the viral video with the famous "Chipotle Is My Life" meme. Additionally, they also offer long sleeve shirts with the "Chipotle Is My Life" meme running down the sleeves.

On the other hand, Dunkin focused on couples for their latest merchandise. While acknowledging the situation wherein most weddings had to be simplified, postponed, or canceled during the pandemic season, Dunkin wanted to offer a gift for couples on their would-be special day.

They have recently unveiled their wearables online, including a Dunkin' bride satin robe, ring bearer pillow, Dunkin'-patterned bow tie, and even a Dunkin'-themed veil. Director of Brand Engagement at Dunkin', Melanie Rabino, explained that they wanted to make preparations easier for coffee and donut-loving couples and bring a touch of Dunkin into their celebration.

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