Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Martin, On Or Off? Gwyneth Paltrow Makes Things Complicated For ‘Conscious Uncoupling’, Maybe Too Much For J-Law

Nov 11, 2014 09:17 AM EST | By Victoria Guerra


The hottest couple of this past summer, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin, have reportedly broken up after only four months of dating - reportedly due to the complicated nature of Chris' relationship with estranged wife Gwyneth Paltrow.

It's still unclear whether Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin have broken up for real or the entire thing is just rumors - but the couple never even confirmed they were going out in the first place, so it's tough to know just how serious they were in their relationship when rumors of a split first came out to the public.

Late last October, Hollywood Life reported that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin had gone their separate ways after the Coldplay front man was spotted cozying up with his "Iron Man" estranged wife, with whom he apparently has a very complicated relationship and J-Law felt he was still not over her.

In any case, even while Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin were going strong and showing some serious public displays of affection (PDA) all over Los Angeles, it had been reported that the "Viva La Vida" singer had just bought a new house and moved in just across the street from Gwyneth's home, to be near their children Moses and Apple.

While the "Hunger Games" star knew that Chris' children were the top priority in his life, she neither expected nor appreciated the fact that when he was hanging out with his kids, Gwyneth was always around as well.

By the end of October, gossip website Heat World reported that Chris and Gwyneth had been seen out together on a dinner date, and the Oscar-winning actress had been very physical with her supposedly estranged husband, touching his face as they both shared a romantic night away from the kids. And this was only a few days after it was first reported that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin had just split!

Only a few days after paparazzi spotted the consciously uncoupled marriage, Gwyneth played host to the amfAR Gala, a charity event meant to raise money for AIDS research - the very same party that featured pop stars Miley Cyrus and Rihanna showing off their bodies in super revealing Tom Ford outfits.

In the event, Gwyneth was in charge of introducing her estranged husband Chris, and absolutely gushed about the talented singer, in what the press has dubbed an attempt to get back together with the father of her children.

"This brilliant singer-songwriter has sold 8 million records," Gwyneth told the audience. "Has won every single award that there is to be won, especially Father of the Year, which he has won consecutively since 2004."

With that kind of complicated relationship going on the side, it's no wonder that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin called it quits before things got too serious - it is still unclear whether the actress who won an Oscar for "Silver Linings Playbook" even met his children, Moses and Apple.

Now, as rumors of a Gwyneth and Chris getting back together are all over the gossip columns, there might be a possibility that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are giving their fling a second chance: according to The Daily Mail, it's been reported that they're together in London right now, and that he's there to join the 24 year-old actress as she releases her newest feature film, "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1."

However, they are not set to go out in public together as she promotes the film.

Earlier this year, after the "Shakespeare in Love" actress and her Coldplay husband announced they were ending their 10 year-old marriage, Gwyneth Paltrow infamously told the press that their split had been a "conscious uncoupling," to signify the whole thing was amicable.

Ever since, she has received a lot of backlash over her comments, which the press deemed somewhat icy to describe the end of such a long-standing relationship, making it look more like a transaction or a dish.

The next summer, it was first reported that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin were a couple, having been seen all over town after they met each other at a party, becoming inseparable. It's obvious that things have gotten fairly complicated since then ... it's a love triangle if ever there was one!

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