Dieting But Still Have Excess Pounds? Find Out Why You're Not Losing Weight

Nov 23, 2014 06:31 PM EST | By ABC


Not losing weight- Dieting, exercising, or jogging, but still you have that excess pounds bulging on your tummy? What could be the reasons behind it? Losing weight is next to gaining self-esteem, attaining good health, and for one's general wellness.

But what happens when you did everything, but still hopeless to attain your goal of losing excess pounds? Don't fret. Find these reasons that may be hindering you from losing weight so that you will be successful next time.

First reason is you are not a fan of water.

Water is a very important element in losing weight. Without getting the right amount of water you need, your body ends up dehydrated and you will not lose weight.

When you are dehydrated, your kidneys don't work the way it should be. It then turns to the liver for added support. However, when the liver is overworked, it tends to save the fats that should be burned.

Water is also a key partner of fiber in having good digestion and attaining a balance weight. Some may add up on fiber, but drinking less water still results to constipation.

Aside from that, drinking water ahead of a meal makes you feel full thus makes your portion lesser than usual.

Second reason, you are not losing weight because you're not doing the right exercise.

So you are walking in the park everyday for ten minutes, or you are jogging for 20 minutes for a month and still not losing weight? Exercise is a critical requirement for losing weight. However, if you are doing it the right frequency and timing, it's non-sense.

Exercising means doing it at least 30 minutes. But take note that it must be some cardiovascular exercise such as hiking, circuit training, spin class and a lot more.

Third reason why you are not losing weight is because you are dieting but not exercising, or you may be exercising but not dieting. Remember that it takes two to make things go right especially in losing weight.

If you are only focus on dieting and not exercising, your metabolism becomes slow so you end up piling up pounds instead of getting rid of your excess pounds. When you are exercising only and not dieting, you are just toning your muscles and not really hitting your main problem.

Sometimes you tend you eat a lot more after training, and this becomes a good reason for you to gain weight instead of losing.

Fourth reason why you are not losing weight is because you are overeating on healthy foods.

It's right that you are eating healthy foods including nuts, avocados, dark chocolate and pasta. But don't forget that these healthy foods are not calorie-free. Eating them a lot only leads to gaining more weight rather than reducing it.

Make sure to take the right portion size and eat at the right time, not every time.

The fifth reason is you skip meals.

Skipping meals to reduce weight is not the key to attain it. In fact, skipping meals is one of the top most reasons why you are not losing weight. One of the misconceptions is not eating breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Skipping meals makes your metabolism slower so you burn calories lower. A study showed that breakfast skippers weigh heavier than those who eat three times a day or more. Why? Another reason for this is skippers tend to overeat on a meal after not eating a supposed meal.

Now you know that these are the reasons why you are not losing weight, make sure not to commit these mistakes. You'll see your weight reduction goal is attainable in no time.

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