[SHOCKING NEWS] Newborn Found In Sydney Drain, Alive After Days Without Food And Water

Nov 23, 2014 08:51 PM EST | By ABC


Newborn Sydney Drain- A newborn baby was rescued from a Sydney drain of 2.5 meters deep on Sunday, Nov. 23 and is now in a serious but stable condition.

It is unbelievable! The Sydney authorities can't believe that a newborn baby survived days without food and water in a Sydney drain in Quakers Hill, Australia.

It was a usual Sunday morning for the regular cyclists in Sydney until an intense cry of a baby triggered commotion in the area near M7 Motorway at Quakers Hill about 7:30 a.m. One of the bikers, David Otte who was with his 18-year-old daughter, heard a baby crying so loud.

Alarmed and worried, the father-daughter cyclists went down to check and were shocked to confirm that there was a baby crying from a 2.5-meter deep Sydney drain. With the help of police officers, the newborn in Sydney drain was rescued who was believed to be dropped from the drain's opening.

A group of policemen lifted a 440-pound concrete covering in order to rescue the newborn in Sydney drain. The policemen, who can't believe to what they saw, took the newborn out of the drainage. The baby was undernourished and dehydrated according to Inspector David Lagats.

The newborn found in Sydney drain was wrapped in a hospital blanket and was rushed to Sydney's Westmead Children's Hospital and is now under the care of NSW Family and Community Services (FACS) Minister.

Police officials reported that the newborn baby was estimated to be two to three days old and is now in a serious but stable condition.

It was a miracle that the newborn was found alive from the dangerous Sydney drain with no physical injuries. However, the infant is receiving the best hospital care and is still being examined for any health problem.

Police officers said that the newborn was lucky to survive from the 2.5- meter drainage. There was no rain for several days, but intense heat could have harmed the newborn if not found immediately on Sunday. A storm is also predicted to come on Sunday night the day the newborn in Sydney drain was found.

Apparently, the 20-year-old mother of the abandoned newborn in Sydney drain was located in Quakers Hill after police officers tracked the hospital records near the area. She is now facing charges of attempted murder for the case.

The mother of the newborn in Sydney drain appeared at Blacktown police station about 2pm on Sunday. She is expected to attend a court hearing at the Blacktown Local Court on Monday. No bail was given to her after her arrest.

Family and Community Services district director for Western Sydney Lisa Charet said that oftentimes mothers who are depress after giving birth (post-partum) or are facing personal problems are the ones who can do this kind of crime, ABC News reports.

She added medical attention must be given to the mother at the same time.

The newborn in Sydney drain was allegedly born on Monday and was dropped in the drainage on Tuesday last week.

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