[DETAILS] Michelle Hurd SVU, 90210 And Gossip Girl Adds To Increasing Bill Cosby Accusers, Bill Cosby Had Worst Week Of His Entire Career

Nov 24, 2014 09:47 AM EST | By ABC


Michelle Hurd SVU, "Special Victims Unit" of Law and Order actress adds to the line of Bill Cosby accusers as she detailed her experience on her Facebook account with what she calls Bill Cosby's "inappropriate touching."

Every week, there's a new woman in and out of Hollywood expressing their undesirable experiences with comedian Bill Cosby. The infamous America's favorite daddy in a twist of fate turns to be an alleged rapist. Now, Michelle Hurd SVU cast member revealed her past encounter with Bill Cosby more than a decade ago.

Michelle Hurd laid down her accusation with Bill Cosby in the social media on Thursday. According to Hurd, she did not acknowledged Bill Cosby's harassment in the beginning as it was just a friendly lunch together every day in the comedian's dressing room.

However, she felt that the friendly gesture turned to "inappropriate touching" as the actor's hands moved freely up and down through her body in a weird acting exercise. Michelle Hurd SVU cast member was even told not to tell anyone about what happened as there are many actors who will get jealous of her.

Michelle Hurd SVU cast member's accusations were published first by showbiz411. The Law & Order SVU cast revealed before she ended her post that another stand-in in the creepy Cosby stories experienced more than what she had.

"She awoke, after being drugged, vomited, and then Cosby told her there's a cab waiting for you outside," Michelle Hurd SVU cast shared in her Facebook post.

Bill Cosby's unproven sexual allegations are yet to be heard in court, but with sixteen women accusing the Emmy winner, more than seven admitted publicly including Michelle Hurd SVU stand-in allegations, Bill Cosby's career is in turmoil this week.

We don't know if this would shutdown Bill Cosby's entire career, but one thing for sure, he will not be America's favorite daddy anymore.

Aside from Michelle Hurd's allegations, another accuser came into the open this Saturday. Joyce Emmons, a comedy club manager in the '70s and '80s detailed her rape allegations as Bill Cosby drugged and raped her the time she was helpless caused by migraine.

Upon confrontation, Bill Cosby apparently told Emmons that it is "just a Quaalude," TMZ reports. She also mentioned that she had witnessed the Emmy winner storing lots of drugs on his drawer that are given to women whom she said may or may not be aware of what they are taking.

Michelle Hurd of SVU and Emmons, add up to more than a dozen of Bill Cosby accusers. Will Bill Cosby be able to escape these allegations? Attorney Marty Singer, one of Cosby's lawyers says that it is just another decade-old events that are becoming increasingly ridiculous.

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